It's amazing what children can learn through music!

Complete Song List

African Rain Song Sample
Big Brown Cow
Camel Caravan Sample
Camel Caravan Song
Centipede Song Sample
Condo on the Hill
Dino Rock Sample
Don't Go Dancing
Double Trouble
Down by the Sea
Enormous as an Elephant Sample
Every Friday Night Sample
Every Friday NIght
Farm Alphabet Sample
Farm Alphabet
First Little Chick Sample
Five Fat Turkeys Sample
Fox in a Box Sample
Fractions are as Easy as Pie
Frogs Life Cycle Sample
Garden in the Sky Sample
Garden in the Sky Sample
Gather Sunshine Sample
Gingerbread Village Sample
Gingerbread Village Sample
Going Bananas Sample
Going on a Picnic Sample
Going on Vacation Sample
Grandpa's Farm Sample
Grumpy Camel sample
Gummy Worm Sample
Hanauma Bay Sample
Hello in Many Languages Sample Song
Hungry Worm Sample
I Can Read Sample
I Forgot My Manners Sample
I've Got Personality Sample
If I Could be an Eagle Sample
Kind Careful and Caring Sample
Koala Sample
Ladybug Hoedown Sample
Let's Learn to Classify Smple
Little Ant's Big Adventure Sample
Little Leprechaun Sample
Little Tad Sample
Look Out Sample
Mini Vacation
Monkeys in Motion Sample
Monkeys in Motion Sample Song
Mr. Rooster Sample
My Amazing Skin Sample
My Friendly Snowman Sample
My Puppy is Lost Sample
My Rocket Ship Sample
My Rocket Ship Sample Sample
Ol' Alligator Sample
One Potato Sample
Onomatopoeia Sing Along Sample
Open A book Sample
Opposite Sing Along Sample
Ordinary Radish Sample
Our Wonderful World Sample
Penguin's Lullaby Sample
Polaris Polar Bear Sample
Rainforest Treasure Sample
Red Means Stop Sample
Ribbit Song
Rumble in the Jungle Sample
Rumble in the Jungle Sample
Sea Turtle Sample
Shooting Star Sample
Slow Moving Sloth
Sneaking Through Forest Sample
Some Books Give Me Wings Sample
Something Quiet Sample
Something's Fishy Sample
Springtime on the Farm Sample
Stella Star Sample
Tarantula Dance Sample
Tick Tock Sample
Timbuktu sample
Time for Puppy Song
Traffic Jam Sample
Triple Toe Tree Frog Sample
We Can Spell Sample
We Like Bugs Sample
What Would You count Sample
What Would You Count Sample
Wonder I See in You Sample
You are Terrific Sample