It's amazing what children can learn through music!

College Credit

Call 1-800-752-0663 for more information or to order our Workshop in a Box.

Need College Credit but do not want the stress of night school or summer school? Find out why teachers across the nation choose our video workshops for their professional development needs. The videos can be viewed in the comfort of your home or classroom.

If you are a teacher and need college credit, we have a number of video workshops available for you. The cost of each workshop is $179.00. There is an additional cost of $62.00 per semester unit payable to the college when you send in your registration form. After watching the video, you will have three months to complete the Teacher Friendly follow up activities and submit them to the college. One of the perks of ordering our workshop, is that we give you $100.00 in Free Material for each workshop you take. We offer lots of choices so you will be able to choose materials that fit the needs of your students. If you have questions or want to order a workshop, just call 800-752-0663. Ask for Mike.


Here are a few of the many testimonials from teachers who have attended our workshops:

This was the most helpful, idea filled workshop I’ve ever been to. An unbelievable number of materials are included… J Valerius, grade 1

I like the hands-on approach and how it makes learning fun and appealing and is great for all learning styles… J. Clark, pre-k

The workshop always gives me a boost to begin the new year. I cannot wait each year to explore all the new items and songs. It is always like finding a treasure… S. Smith, grade 2

The most fun I’ve ever had at a workshop!!!…S. Walker, grade 1

What a wonderful workshop! I left with motivating music and activities for my classroom. I can’t wait to sing and share what I’ve learned with my first grade students… K. Meador, grade 1