It's amazing what children can learn through music!


Q- May I download the Free Stuff without making a purchase?

A- Yes. The Free Stuff is Free!  Come back each month to download the new fun free stuff!

Q- Do you give refunds on the downloadable products?

A- We DO NOT give refunds on the downloadable products. We suggest you test the product compatibility by first downloading the free stuff. We also show samples of all the songs and videos. So make sure you preview them before placing an order.

Q- If I am a teacher may I duplicate the Free Stuff for my students?

A- Yes. These free materials are created to be used by the students in your classroom. Enjoy!

Q- Are we allowed to make copies of your big books, posters, songs and videos for colleagues or friends?

A- No. All of our materials are copyright protected. The license is for one teacher and classroom or one family. If you want to share with colleagues or friends, please purchase additional copies.

Q- Do you ship big books and posters outside the US?

A- We DO NOT ship to addresses outside the US.

Q-How much is your standard shipping cost?

A- We charge a flat rate of 5.00 per order which usually takes 5 to 10 days to arrive.  We charge a flat $12.50  per order for 3 day delivery.

Q- Do you accept purchase orders from school districts?

A- We do, but you need to call 800-752-0663 to set up the information.

Q- Do I have to pay taxes on online orders?

A- Currently our company collects sales tax for three states. Washington, California and Ohio. If you live in one of these states, sales tax will automatically be added to your purchase. Some states require customers to pay sales tax on items they purchase online and submit it annually. You would be responsible to do this on your own.